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petak, 21. listopad 2016., 11:00


Dvorana C



We all agree that Oracle Forms is environment, which we can use to develop professional business applications in shortest possible time, no doubt about this. On the other side, it's also true, that these applications, although super functional, don't use the newest guidelines for development of user interface. Why wouldn't we preserve PL/SQL programming language and data handling efficiency, but at the same time make use of modern user interface, that we can apply in computer browser as well as on tablets and other portable devices? Even more, why wouldn't we run these applications also at home, when being with friends or on vacation? 

Solution, which I'm going to present, makes all of this possible, Beside that, due to the nature of portable devices (phone, tablet, ...) we can make also use of camera, GPS and other services, that device is offering. At the same time, because of using Oracle Mobile Cloud Services environment, which is part of the solution, we can run the application even when there is no data connection available (airplane, tunnel, warehouse, ...). When data connection comes back, we simply synchronize the content. 

In the presentation we are going to see which steps need to be taken in order to upgrade existing Forms environment (which is going to run without any changes in the same way as before) to mobile applications, which can be used on our portable devices whenever and wherever.

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