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Aktualne novosti premijerno prikazane na OOW 2019 u San Franciscu.

HrOUG konferencija se održava nakon Oracle Open World-a.

Sve važne novosti koje su relevantne za našu regiju prezentiraju se ne HrOUG konferenciji.

Oracle korporacija je za HrOUG konferenciju pripremila slijedeća predavanja:

# Group Topic Author Company
1 Opening Opening keynote M. Tadić Oracle
2 OGB Tour Troubleshooting tips and tricks for Database 19c S. Rao Oracle
3 OGB Tour The Machine Learning behind Autonomous Database  S. Rao Oracle
4 OGB Tour Move your Data Warehouse to Oracle Big Data Cloud Service  K. Aghayev  AzerCell Telecom
5 OGB Tour From DBA to Data Engineer - How to survive a career transition?  K. Aghayev  AzerCell Telecom
6 OGB Tour Let your DBAs get some REST(api) L. Caldara CERN
7 OGB Tour Predicting Beer Ratings with in-database machine learning and APEX H. Helskyaho Miracle Finland Oy
8 OGB Tour Constraint Optimization: The Difference A Comma Can Make O. Nakdimon Moovit
9 OGB Tour How to Upgrade Your Application with no Downtime (and no Additional Costs!) O. Nakdimon Moovit
10 HANDS-ON LAB Microservices on Kubernetes and Autonomous Database T. Graves Oracle
11 SHOWCASE Proxima City – Oracle Cloud Connected Smart City showcase M. Kratky & I. Delić Oracle
12 BI&A Graph Analysis and Graph Pattern Matching in the Database A. Godfrind Oracle
13 BI&A Data Visualization - Maps for Everyone A. Godfrind Oracle
14 BI&A Machine Learning and Business Intelligence joined together Lj. Perica Oracle
15 BI&A Oracle Database In-Memory ? Fast Analytics In Real Time A. Rivenes Oracle
16 BI&A Oracle Database In-Memory By Example A. Rivenes Oracle
17 BP&SS Compression Usage Insights ? Getting the Best Out of Oracle Compression G. Christman Oracle
18 BP&SS JSON in the Oracle Database: what it it and when should I use it? B. Hammerschmidt Oracle
19 Cloud A Cloud Journey - Move to the Oracle Cloud R. Gonzalez Oracle
20 Cloud Zero Downtime Migration to the Oracle Cloud R. Gonzalez Oracle
21 Cloud Building Java Microservices Applications on Oracle Cloud M. Kratky Oracle
22 DBA Using Oracle Flashback Data Archive to Track and Store Transactional Changes G. Christman Oracle
23 DBA Oracle Database 19 - What is New? M. Kobal Butković Oracle
24 DBA Oracle Autonomous Database – Autonomous Transaction Processing Database Live Demo M. Kobal Butković Oracle
25 DBA How does Oracle RAC prevent Hangs? Hang Manager A. Nair Oracle
26 DBA Oracle Real Application Clusters Internals A. Nair Oracle
27 DEVELOPMENT Warp Speed Microservices with GraalVM I. Delić Oracle
28 DEVELOPMENT How to Find Patterns in Your Data with SQL C. Saxon Oracle
29 DEVELOPMENT Oracle Database 19c for Developers C. Saxon Oracle

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