A new Hope (for cybersecurity) - how to setup and use DataSafe and CloudGuard OCI tools


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četvrtak, 13. listopad 2022., 15:25


Dvorana C



I will talk basics about OCI security and the features it has and then shows steps to enable and run the Data Safe tool (which is similar in concept as DBSAT) and then how to enable and run CloudGuard to assess and monitor your OCI tenancy for better security.
Most of my material for the data safe part will come from my own blog: https://blog.pythian.com/what-is-oracle-data-safe-and-why-should-you-use-it/

I will also explain about the importance for data protection, especially in terms of sensitive data regulated by the GDPR and other similar standards like PCI, HIPAA, etc
This can be considered like part 2 of my DBSAT conference (that's why the name :) )

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