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petak, 14. listopad 2022., 11:30


Dvorana B



In a dynamic business world, every slightly larger organization encounter increasing data requirements through various operational daily reports. This often means putting pressure on IT colleagues who become a bottleneck in delivering these reports. Ultimately, this creates frustration on the part of IT who are overwhelmed with requests and do not manage to complete tasks, and on the other hand users of the reports have their frustration due to the fact that they do not receive data for a decision on time. The information that was needed "yesterday" is completely worthless "today". In this presentation, colleagues from HPB will show how they tackled this problem through the development of an operational reporting portal using APEX technology. An operational self-service BI portal has been developed through which users can access their data independently. The portal, in addition helps to automate certain processes, also enabled cost savings because certain reports were migrated from the more expensive reporting platform to the APEX platform, bearing in mind that with the Oracle database APEX is free of charge. Colleagues will show what was the motivation for this development, how the system developed and what benefits it brought to the Bank.

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