Reliable DRC location of OracleDB SE in the Cloud


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četvrtak, 13. listopad 2022., 09:30


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Many companies face the challenge of how to ensure business continuity. For that, it is necessary to ensure the reliable operation of at least basic IT services. On the other hand, we often want to perform analysis or test that requires many resources, but we don't have them, or it would cost us far too much if we had these resources permanently available.Oracle Cloud is a solution that addresses both challenges. In the presentation, we will look at how we can replicate the production database in the Oracle Cloud with the help of the DBvisit tool and thereby provide, in a simple and affordable way, working IT services at a backup location that can be accessed without any problems, even in the event of a complete failure of the primary location. With that, we significantly increase the reliability of the company's operations. The solution is also particularly interesting for companies that use the SE database. You can replicate the data anywhere, even to your own other location, public cloud or Database Appliance. The solution ensures that your critical data is always protected and accessible. And when we mention Oracle Cloud, it must be said that there are many functionalities that Oracle Cloud offers completely free of charge. We will look at how Oracle Cloud can be used as an affordable DRC environment, both for an Oracle database (Enterprise or Standard Edition) or an MS SQLServer database, as well as for application servers. In the following, I will present quite a few functionalities that Oracle Cloud offers for free of charge.

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