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srijeda, 12. listopad 2022., 17:25


Dvorana D



Today, data is compared to various natural resources such as oil, water, air… All in the context of importance and proper handling of data. The only difference is that there is more and more data and less and less natural resources. HPB started data consolidation a little over 2 years ago. One path of consolidation goes in the direction of implementing the data management process (Data Governance) while the other path goes in the direction of implementing a technology platform that will be adequate for future data requirements, but also good preparation for potential migrations of analytical processes to the cloud. Therefore, HPB decided to implement the Oracle EXADATA solution to improve the DWH process. How was the strategic decision made? What are the benefits that the platform has brought? What technologies have all been integrated? This is just part of the question that will answer answered on this presentation.

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