Call for papers



In years before pandemia, HrOUG was organizing the largest gathering of Oracle community in Southeast Europe. The conference had three working days, with 80 lecturers and 400 participants.

If you are an IT expert and you have interesting experiences, knowledge, and interesting practices and would like to share this with other conference participants, then we invite you to submit your lecture and help us prepare an interesting, up-to-date, and useful conference. HrOUG conference participants would be happy to hear you. So do not hesitate, send your proposal.


Topics will be grouped as follows:  

  • Database & Infrastructure
  • Development & Middleware
  • APEX
  • Bussines Intelligence & Analitycs
  • Artificial inteligence
  • DevOps & Cloud
  • Best Practices & Success Stories
  • Strategy & Innovation
  • General ICT topics

Format and length of lectures

The official languages ​​of the conference are Croatian and English.

It is preferable for the duration of the presentations to be 45 minutes including the time for Q&A.

Lecturers can submit a standard length lecture of 45 minutes. If you need more time to carry out a lecture, there is the possibility to have a double length of lectures (90 minutes) or slots for workshops (2-3 hours)

Your contributions are expected no later than Sunday, July 24th, 2022.

The selection of papers will be done permanently as the papers arrive and the lecturers will be notified of the possible acceptance of their work, no later than 14 days after the application.

The final selection of the lecturers must be finished until, August, 1st, 2022.


Obligations and benefits of the lecturer

In the case your lecture proposal is accepted for the conference program, the lecturers are obliged to:

  • prepare a presentation in PPT or PDF format and any accompanying material and send it to the conference organizers at least seven days prior to the conference start
  • performing a presentation at a specific time within the conference schedule.
  • send presentations in PDF, ZIP, or RAR format after the conference. All works will be posted on the conference website.

The lecturers to be admitted to the conference program will receive a free conference pass for the conference. A free conference pass to one speaker per conference presentation, and does not include the cost of travel to the conference and accommodation costs.

General information

Venue: Hotel Istra, Red Island / St Andrew Island, Rovinj, Croatia

Key dates:                       

Submission of application papers until: July 24th
Final list of lectures for the conference August 1st
Finished presentation delivery until: October 5th


Application / Submission

To send us your proposal, it is necessary to register and/or create a user account. If you still don't have your HrOUG account, you will need to create one. After you've created you account, you can then proceed to the proposals submission. If you've forgotten your user name and/or password - just click on "Forgot password?" link and you'll receive new login information immediately. 


Form submission guidelines

Mandatory fields:

Title: Up to 50 signs (incl. spaces)

Abstract: up to 500 words 

Type: Choose from given options

Difficulty level: Choose from given options

Preferred participants experience: Choose from given options

Preferred participants function: Choose from given options

Group: Choose from given thematic fields

Lecture duration: default is 45 or 90 minutes (ask organizer for more)

Author detailsName, Surname, Number, E-mail, Company Position, Picture (min 150 dpi)

Short biography: Up to 1000 signs (incl. spaces) for every of the main languages

Company information: Name, Address, City, Zip code, OIB, Web address


Additional fields:

Coauthor details: Name, Surname, Company Position, Picture (min 150 dpi)

Short coauthor biography: Up to 1000 signs (incl. spaces) for every of the main languages


Note: Determine whether you will hold the presentation in Rovinj? If the presentation were to be held online, the organizer would suggest in what form it should be.

At the end of application procedure, applicant will get a confirmation message on screen and on email.