Cloud & Middleware

Areas Cloud and Middleware this year are very actual units. What we are closer to the beginning of Oracle Open World, growing number of Cloud themes. After all, is expected that on a global Oracle conference, Cloud themes will dominate in most of segments and as a group.

Cloud part

In response, we have agreed with Oracle - Partner of the conference that as Oracle main speaker at the conference, participate - Pascal Giraud, Senior Director EMEA Technology, responsible for Cloud, with the theme Digital Transformation: Leadership on the edge. The theme is very topical because it calls attention to the effects of the adoption of Cloud strategy, to use own resources. Why and what are Oracle recommendations, especially when it comes to leadership and coordination activities.

We have another important question: - Do you use a public or private Cloud. And here Oracle has the answer: Both, using Oracle Hybrid Cloud. How to and why will explain Marin Tadic, director of Oracle Croatia.

  • Included are another themes in several segments of Cloud - so from the application segment are topics "Continuous delivery of the Oracle Cloud Services infection" and "Lift and switch the application in the Oracle Cloud" by Dusko Vukmanovic (Oracle). Develop and use an application in Cloud, or transfer a ready application in the Cloud.
  • Neil Sellers (Qubix) who will speak on the topic attractive "Planning and Budgeting Cloud services. Oracle BI topic in the clouds".
  • "Oracle BI Cloud Service" will present Ljiljana Perica (Oracle).
  • About "Oracle Database services in the cloud" will talk Morana Butkovic (Oracle).
  • On the functioning of Oracle Marketing in Claud and in particular the need to align with market demands will present Urban Jovanovic (Oracle Slovenia). The presentation is based on a series of realized projects from the multiple industries.

The consequence is that we are, for easier manipulation, Cloud, on the web separated into a separate entity. Probably this is not all, so we suggest you follow the news.

Middleware part

Topics in a Business Intelligence (BI), Data Integration others of family this year represent a significant entity this year represents a significant part entity with 15 interesing topics.

  • Business Intelligence (BI) has for many years been, and remains, the flagship of the Middleware "family". This year, Ljiljana Perica brings information about "Oracle BI Visual Analyzer - analyzes have never been easier".
  • Žiga Vaupot (Qubix Slovenia) prepared "Using aggregates and combining datasources in Oracle BI" and the second topic "Preparation and implementation of the Maps view of the Oracle BI".
  • Neil Sellers (Qubix International) will present new activities that together enable "Enterprise Performance Management and OBIEE: You do not know what you do not know ...".
  • Ognjen Glavas (Oracle) will have presentation about "Next generation of narrative management reporting" to demonstrate "Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Service (EPRCS) as well as specific solutions in the cloud that enables the management and narrative reporting.
  • For Data Integration we will welcome Milomir Vojvodić (Oracle ECEMEA Dubai United Arab Emirates) and Tomas Vavra (ODI, Prague, Czech Republic) who will handle the topic "Return On Investment of Data Governance - A Megatrend He Discipline Around Data Management". Maja Veselica and Zoran Pavlovic (Serbia Parallel) will warn us of "Oracle GoldenGate in action".
  • Fusion Middleware part will started with "Oracle Fusion Middleware High Availability" by  Mustafa Osama (Oracle ACE Director) (Gurus Solutions Jordan) also president of Oracle UG Jordan. In the second topic will talk about the Oracle Exalytics.
  • Finally Diana Mošnja (Istria Tech) will in her topic "Secrets ADF Schedulling Gantt" discover how to develop the application and thereby reduce implementation costs for users.

The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users. More about the association can be found at

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