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Tuesday, 13. October 2015., 18:50


Hall 1 Main



Cloud Computing is evolving quickly. What started as an industry buzzword has evolved as a series of robust technological solutions. As cloud computing matures, it finds itself facing its biggest challenge yet: successful integration into enterprise information systems. However, as usual when things „go enterprise“, new concerns appears – in particular, concerns related to security, reliability and overall services integration.

Cloud advantages are well-known and it won’t be discussed here but instead we are looking for balancing the benefits of cloud with the complexities related to security, SLAs and migration options and costs (it is a kind of trade off, mainly we’re trading off functionality versus privacy). That means that it should be obvious that customers will not end up in private or public cloud but private and public cloud, so we are looking for Oracle Hybrid Cloud, scenarios and how to get there.

We identified two most important things to things related to hybrid cloud migration and they are cloud compatibility and service integration where Oracle is very strong.

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