Bridging the Clouds with CloudBridge


Business Intelligence & Analytics

Date and time

Wednesday, 19. October 2016., 14:00


Hall C



Qubix CloudBridge is a solution which enables users to gain full data integration between their on premise environments and their cloud applications.. This data agnostic tool provides a user-driven, seamless ability to move data from on premise to multiple cloud applications, reducing the costs and complexity introduced by alternative approaches.

Users can accelerate their path to the Cloud by integrating, transforming and uploading data from multiple sources into Oracle Cloud Performance Management and Business Analytics products, such as Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service or Business Intelligence Cloud Service, simply, securely and rapidly with Qubix CloudBridge.

Qubix CloudBridge understands how Oracle organises and formats various types of data and key application structures, such as dimensions and hierarchies. Using a proprietary approach, Qubix CloudBridge can be used to not just seamlessly move data from on-premise and cloud applications to the Oracle Cloud, but it can also be used to perform key application management tasks such as managing dimensions and hierarchies in an easier-to-do way than currently possible.

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