Common Alerting Protocol based Early Warning System


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Wednesday, 19. October 2016., 16:00


Hall D



Alerting and notifications are “hard problems” in any emergency scenario. New technologies that enable situational awareness are adopted slowly because of high cost of establishment and training. I will present our solution CAP.CAP, based on standard Common Alerting Protocol, which can augment existing emergency and disaster response teams by leveraging existing infrastructure and experience using new technologies: Internet, cloud services, machine learning, mobile networks and instant messaging. By accelerating alert creation, dissemination through multiple channels and providing feedback loop it improves quality and timeliness of information. In short, it enables emergency and disaster response teams to do more with less, dynamically and quickly adapting to changing situation on the ground. Post mortem analysis can provide measurable effects on resource utilization, communication flow (my using structured recordings of all communication events), and quality and immutability of information, which is especially useful in the chaotic situations.

Enrollment of such a system improves population involvement with the government, reduces insurance premiums, and limits risks for injuries and property damages.

By using standardized protocol for alerting and emergency response, it also enables effecting cross-border and cross-organizational communication.

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