Oracle VM Virtual Box: The new approach in Supercomputing virtualization segment


DevOps & Cloud

Date and time

Thursday, 20. October 2016., 14:55


Hall B



Oracle VM VirtualBox is cross platform virtualization software that allows to extend existing measuracomputer to run multiple operating systems at the same time. Designed for IT professionals and developers, Oracle VM VirtualBox runs on Windows, MacOs, Linux and Oracle Solaris systems and is ideal for testing, developing, demonstrating and deploying solutions accross multiple platforms on one machine. However, Oracle VM VirtualBox functionality can be extended by the several orders of magnitude: It can orchestrate multiple virtual machines, with multiple applications, and on multiple computing nodes. How it can be achieved, we will show on the case of Supercomputer Bura, running on Rijeka University. By coupling Oracle VM VirtualBox with Docker virtualization technology, one can run hundred thousands of VM's, with no measurable performance degradation.

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