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Friday, 21. October 2016., 09:00


Hall D



During 2016 the payment system in the Republic of Croatia has gone through major changes. SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) has been launched. The aim of the SEPA initiative is the establishment of a single payment system on the entire territory of the European Union, where financial transactions are executed by and with the same basic conditions, rights and obligations, regardless of geolocation. Croatia has implemented SEPA rules and schemes for the currency EUR, and parallel for the currency HRK for domestic payments. Such precaution will one day enable painless transition to the euro as the national currency.One of the implementation of the TIS-proprietary solutions for a multitude of payment transactions in accordance with the SEPA payment schemes and rules is realized by means of the popular Oracle technologies: Java web application communicates with the Oracle database, and integration into the existing bank system was carried out by the middleware layer based on the Oracle Service Bus solution, which enables the implementation of integration solutions in a transparent and reliable way, while reducing the complexity and duration of the integration. It is supported by complete automation of the process of communication with all necessary systems, both within the bank and to the clearing institution of NCS.Today will be presented how has TIS implemented its own solution with Oracle technologies on one of the biggest Croatian bank.

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