PERFECT RECALL = Lossless Backup


DBA & Infrasturcture

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Friday, 20. October 2017., 14:50


Hall A



\\\"What is your backup plan?\\\" is the most common question auditors ask in companies especially in banks.This question always presents some kind of a dilemma to us. Our backup plan is actually \\\"real time\\\" backup plan, which is often very hard to explain to auditors and even harder for them to understand it.

Backup is actually never performed explicitly but it is continuously running in the background.Regardless our \\\"real time\\\" backup has all common backup characteristics:

  1. ability to store huge amounts of data;
  2. operation (backup and restore) in very short time;
  3. compression with the use of deduplication;
  4. long term history storage

and as of recently using PERFECT RECALL feature: stores every committed transaction.

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