Boosting Oracle Database Performance with Persistent Memory Technology


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The Latest Persistent Memory such as Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory (PMEM) combines near-DRAM performance with the data persistence of storage. It can be configured in memory mode or application direct mode. When the memory mode is used, PMEMs can be considered as volatile and can be used as main memory and DRAM is treated as a write-back cache. When PMEMs are configured in application direct mode, they can be used to store database files and redo logs. This presentation will discuss the use cases of PMEMs in these two modes for Oracle Database:1) In memory mode use PMEMs for Oracle In Memory store 2) in Application direct mode to store the database files. We will show the significant performance benefits that can be achieved from either of these two modes. We will discuss how Oracle 20c Persistent Memory database with Persistent Memory Filestore feature is used with PMEMs Application mode. We will also discuss how PMEMs are used in Oracle Exadata X8M to achieve the great database performance.

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