How the Cloud shifted us


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Friday, 14. October 2022., 10:25


Hall C



New developer tools - SpringBoot, Angular, basically the concept of object-oriented programming and other practices like DevOps, Microservices and similar have shook our foundation at its core.They have impacted our programming habits and with a sped up tempo led us to a feeling that we could provide our users with anything at a fast pace.While learning these new technologies, we have decided to apply this newly acquired knowledge on two projects: “Rezerve” and “EnergyPlaner” for HEP Trgovina.These projects were small enough, yet demanding enough to go through the most common obstacles that most developers encounter, which were useful for learning about fronted and backend development in Angular and SpringBoot.In this presentation we will show you the process of using DevOps tools, development in Cloud on the aforementioned projects and our teams efforts in everyday challenges whether they are of technical or business-process nature.

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