Oracle TDE with PDBs and try not go mad again


Database & Infrastructure

Date and time

Wednesday, 12. October 2022., 11:30


Hall B



Security of data (at rest) becomes more and more important for database users. An Oracle database addressed this long ago by adding a Transparent Date Encryption (TDE) on column or tablespace level. This functionality was enhancement over a time and become almost a standard solution for data encryption. There were a set of typical challenges related to a TDE configuration using non-multitenant architecture but with CDB/PDB that became more challenging.This talk is focusing on creating and managing clones of production databases with TDE in non-production environments in the automated way and with addressing a data security in the non-production environments.During a talk the following topics will be addressed:- How to TDE works and how to configure it- Wallet management for MT architecture (password changes, rekey, backup)- PDB operations - Nonproduction environments data protection

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Talk Attendence: Attendance in person
Level of difficulty: General
Desirable listeners function: DBA , Developers
Group of activity: Database & Infrastructure

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