Portable Web Application Disaster Recovery System


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Thursday, 13. October 2022., 12:25


Hall D



The complex and chaotic world political, economic and energy situation of this decade puts IT systems in a vulnerable position. Conventional disaster recovery systems are dependent on the ground infrastructure (space, air conditioning and power) or reliable network connections (for cloud solutions). The portable solution provides the basic functions of a web application system inside a carry-on briefcase. It is based on several HP Ultra Small Form Factor (USSF) PCs with small dimensions and still sufficient processing power to provide Oracle web applications for about a hundred simultaneous users. The portable system includes an Oracle application server, a database, a DNS and a simple mail server and the associated wireless Wi-Fi communication. The idea is that in the event of a severe disaster, business continuity will be ensured for about a hundred simultaneous key users, regardless of the state of the data center infrastructure as well as broadband communication infrastructure towards the external cloud.

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