SQL App, a next-gen database manager


Database & Infrastructure

Date and time

Wednesday, 12. October 2022., 10:25


Hall B



A database manager where UI responds in less than 100ms. Database-wide analysis shows you exactly where objects are used, and how. Search is instant. Navigation is instant. Hover displays helpful information about the object. Team shares snippets easily. Tabs are tied to connections. Connections are switched instantly. Workspace is preserved. Working with databases on the other side of the world is as performant as with ones on a local network. Team members can easily be added to a connection, or removed from it. Changes from one user are instantly seen by all other members of the team.And this all is... in the browser.

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Talk Attendence: Attendance in person
Level of difficulty: Detailed
Desirable listeners function: Developers , DBA
Group of activity: Database & Infrastructure

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