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Thursday, 13. October 2022., 09:30


Hall A



'Choose an option', 'Mark your preference', 'Select your country' ... Every web application we are using for booking our travels, for online banking or for placing online orders has at least one of these elements.Are APEX applications an exception?Not at all: a list of choices can be represented in APEX as a radio group or checkbox or select lists or popup LOV or shuttle.Among these, the Popup LOV is the most complex component a developer can use for displaying a list of choices. Join my session to learn more about them.After a brief overview on every one of these item types, the talk will focus on the evolution of the Popup LOV, from the simple ones available in APEX 5.x to the mature ones available in APEX 22.xHow and where to define a LOV, are there any rules to follow, is it an advantage to define a LOV as a shared component, how dynamic a LOV can be, may I create dynamic actions associated with a LOV, does a LOV understand JavaScript?This presentation aims to give answers to these questions.The talk is addressed to not-so-experimented developers but even an advanced one might learn a trick or two.

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