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srijeda, 12. listopad 2022., 10:25


Dvorana D



There is a lot of talk today about “data driven” organization but it is not often asked what it means at all? What are the basic prerequisites for an organization to be data driven? Why don’t many organizations monetize data as much as they could? How to use more advanced analytics (especially in the cloud)? These are all questions that will be answered during this presentation. With the great support of the top management, HPB started the implementation of the Data Governance process as a basis for the organization to be "data driven". This process includes the development of data dictionary, improving the quality and security of data, creating greater insight from data and several other elements necessary for better data management, usability, and quality. In its data strategy, HPB focused on three basic pillars: people, processes, and technologies. How these three pillars fit into the Data Governance process will be shown in this presentation. The data literacy program (Data Nursery), which is unique in this part of the region and beyond, will be presented as well.

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