The pier from where the boat departs for the island is called Delfin (because of the name of the pool nearby), and it is located near the Park Hotel and the entrance to the Rovinj Marina.

All the necessary information regarding car parking and boat transportation can be obtained at the reception of the Island Hotels Reception pier. The friendly staff will assist you with boarding the boat and will direct you to the parking lot as well as back from it to the pier.


The hotel parking is free, and it is located approx. 1 km from the pier, near the Eden Hotel. A shuttle bus runs between the pier and the parking lot.

You can get all the necessary information regarding parking your car at the hotel's info point located on the pier, right next to the roundabout, where the hotel staff will meet you.

After the passengers and luggage have been unloaded from the car, the driver driving behind the shuttle bus takes the car to the parking lot.

When the cars are left in the parking lot, the drivers take the shuttle bus back to the pier.

Allow about 30 minutes to go to the hotel parking lot and return by shuttle bus to the pier.

If you have larger or heavier luggage, ask for the assistance of a sailor who will load everything that needs to be transported to the island into the ship.

Upon arrival on the island, the hotel staff will transfer all luggage to the hotel entrance.



Since the hotel is located in the Rovinj archipelago, we have organized a 15-minute boat ride from Rovinj.

The regular price of the boat ride is HRK 80.00 (EUR 10.62), but for JavaCro and HrOUG conference participants = FREE. If anyone asks you about a boat ticket, say that you are a participant in the conference and that you are going to get accredited. When you go from the island, don't forget your accreditation just to be able to confirm that you are a conference participant.


According to the schedule, the boat departs almost every hour from 5:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

Rovinj - Sv. Andrija (Crveni otok) Sv. Andrija (Crveni otok) - Rovinj
05.30* 06.00*
06.30* 07.00*
07.30* 08.00*
08.30 09.00
09.30 10.00
10.30 11.00
11.30 12.00
12.30 13.00
13.30 14.00
14.30 15.00
15.30 16.00
16.30 17.00
17.30 18.00
18.30 19.00
19.30 20.00
20.30* 21.00*
21.30* 22.00*
22.30* 23.00*
23.30* 00.00*
00.30* 01.00*
*Rovinj - Sv. Katarina - Sv. Andrija (Crveni otok) *Sv. Andrija (Crveni otok) - Sv. Katarina - Rovinj



- Upon arrival at the hotel, you can choose whether to take a room or an accreditation first. The accreditation desk is to the right of the hotel entrance, and the hotel reception is straight ahead.

- When you collect your accreditation, you can pick up the organizer's gift to the right of the reception.

- Make sure to carry your accreditation the entire time you are at the conference so that you don't have any difficulty entering the lectures or the restaurant.

- the desk of our official travel agency One Travel will be located to the left of the hotel reception. Matija and Kristijan will solve everything related to the hotel or transfers. Kristijan mobile: +385 99 200 52 25 Mail: [email protected]

- On all other days except the first, the organizer's accreditation desk will be located opposite the hotel reception



Accompanying persons may pick up their accreditation at the accreditation desk. Their accreditation allows them to use everything like the other participants, except for entering the lectures.



The entire hotel and rooms are covered by WIFI at the correct speed



Lectures will be held in four halls:

A = the main congress hall with the entrance in the hotel foyer between the bar and the exit to the terrace

B = Small club is the hall in the foyer of the hotel, which can be reached through the passage to the right of the reception

C = Restaurant at level -1 is the hall on the level of the restaurant. The entrance of which is on the opposite side of the entrance to the main restaurant

D = Apartments is the hall is located in the Apartment building approx. 150 meters to the right of the hotel exit. If it's going to rain, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring an umbrella.



- All lecturers who will send their lectures to the organizer two days before the start of the conference will find their lecture in a Dell notebook in the lecture hall.

- After finishing your lecture please leave the lecture in the organizer's notebook so that it can be placed on the conference web pages after the conference.

- All projectors in the halls have HDMI inputs. If your notebook does not have an HDMI output or you use Apple computers, please bring the necessary adapters with you.



A QR code will be printed on the accreditations, which leads directly to the conference Agenda.

The online agenda will always have the latest status, and if a lecture is canceled at the last minute, there will be information above the agenda.



- The hotel restaurant is located on level -1.

- the organizer provided meals for all participants. If you are not staying in a hotel on the island, you may have difficulty entering the restaurant, so if this happens, you need to go for help to the One Travel desk to the left of the hotel reception.

. along with lunch and dinner, we provided free drinks for all participants. Drinks are available at two locations in the restaurant at self-service counters. Feel free to help yourself as many times as you want.



- In cooperation with Maistra and Island Hotel Istra, we have provided on the bars a special, lower price list for about 20 drinks. A little bit of everything. White and red wine, beers, spirits, soft drinks, and beverages.

- The hotel offers a significantly larger number of drinks, but at the regular prices of a 4-star hotel.



- The evening gatherings will take place either in the hotel foyer or in the building called the Castle, located approx. 100 meters to the right of the hotel exit.

- Before coming to the conference, try to agree on the teams that would participate on Tuesday 11.10. from 10 p.m. in the Cocktail Night show. Teams of 4-5 members (the name of the team will be the name of the bar) will learn, but also compete in making cocktails.

- Texas Hold'em poker tournament. Practice the "stone face" and your bluffing skills

- Tournament in Belot. Prepare your pairs :-))

- Magic: The Gathering. If you are a player, bring your decks and compete with our champion.

- during the conference you can try new games FIFA 2023 and NBA 2K23 on the Playstation 5.

- Board games: reserve a board game to play together with your team. Play new board games and see if you like them.

- during the evening gatherings, the organizer provided free of charge certain quantities of drinks (wine, beer, juices, water). The bars will have a list of drinks that can be consumed at the organizer's expense.



Bring with you sports clothes, shoes, and a swimsuit if you want to do sports. The island has a tennis court, excellent walking and running paths, a swimming pool, wellness, and fitness with all equipment and weights.



There are no recommendations for now. we see that Covid is around us, but fortunately, most who get sick with covid today have no major problems getting over it.

If you feel that your throat is scratchy, that you have a runny nose or higher temperature, maybe it is better to stay in the room, and if you go out, put on a mask. Let's take care as much as we can.

After these two years of Covid, no one wearing a mask will be strange to anyone. 


That's it. Let's enjoy our stay on the island and at the conference !!!