JDBC and Oracle database


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Wednesday, 12. October 2022., 16:30


Hall D



Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is an application programming interface (API) for the Java programming language, which defines how a Java client can work with a database.Although Java developers often use Object-Relational Mapping tools (e.g. Hibernate) to work with the database, it is useful to know “lower access”, i.e. JDBC.Our opinion is that it is generally better not to write SQL code on the Java side, but in stored procedures/functions in the database, so that Java programs retrieve the obtained data using ref cursors.Therefore, we think it is desirable that PL/SQL developers also understand the basics of JDBC.We will show 9 examples, mostly from simpler examples to more complex ones:result set, prepared statement, callable statement, use of ref cursor, use of meta data, updatable result set, connections and connection pool, onnection pool and proxy user, cached row set.

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