Zlatko Sirotić ISTRA TECH d.o.o.

The author has been working on IT for almost 40 years, mainly in the company ISTRA TECH d.o.o., Pula (ISTRA TECH is the new name of the company Istra informatički inženjering, founded in 1990).He has published professional papers at congresses/conferences HrOUG, JavaCro, CASE, KOM, "Hotelska kuća", u časopisima "Mreža", "InfoTrend" i "Ugostiteljstvo i turizam",and some of its software solutions have been published on the websites of Oracle and Quest (now part of Dell).He has been an external associate at the Faculty of Informatics in Pula (FIPU) since its establishment (school year 2011/2012) until today.